Sharing Product Reviews on Amazon

I have shared some product reviews on Amazon at

No particular focus in terms of type of product.  A mix of stuff that includes books, clothes, household items and electronics.  If you see a review that was helpful, please give that feedback.

I'm currently about 4,000,000 places from being a "top reviewer" but still appreciate the comments and clicks where a review was helpful.

Collection of Quotes [Google+]

[Here] is a collection of quotes that I like.  Some are funny. Some are thought provoking.  Some you might find sort of dumb.  But, if you like reading and collecting quotes, I hope you will enjoy looking them over. This will be updated from time to time so please re-visit. Built using Google+ Collections which, for now, is my primary blogging and content sharing tools.

Collection of Stuff I Find Funny [Google+]

I am giving Google+ Collections a try.  There were introduced last year - see [here]. There is a nice post by CNET about collections and how to use them - see [here].  In short, collections are posts about a specific topic - see my collection of stuff I find funny [here]. 

Moving from ISO 9001:2008 to 9001:2015

Many quality-driven organizations use the ISO 9001 standards and many of them are dealing with the move from the 2008 to 2015 version of those standards.  Here are a couple of materials I've found helpful in this area.

Naturally, the ISO has information devoted to this change and a good staring point is their landing page on this topic [here]. On that page, they share a YouTube video from a Google Hangouts session on this topic.  That video is about 33 minutes long, worth the view in my opinion, and available [here]. This ISO landing page has a nice chart with  the evolution of this standard as well as some information about the standards development process - if you are interested in that kind of thing.