iTunes problem fixed

I haven't been using iTunes on my work machine. At home, that is another matter. But, so far, no need at work.

But, since I have to give up my Blackberry, will switch to the iPhone and that apparently means I need iTunes.

Problem was, the darned thing kept crashing on me. Couldn't figure out why and the folks I asked for help were similarly at a loss to explain why.

Came up on the answer out of dumb luck.

I started just turning features off in iTunes in the desperate hope that something work work.

Finally found that under Preferences, under Store, if the "​Share details about your library with Apple" is checked then my machine would crash. If this is unchecked, then (so far) no problems. This is a Win7 machine, BTW.

Changed this setting back and forth several times. When checked, always crashed. When unchecked, wouldn't crash.

Don't have this problem at home so probably something to do with corporate firewall settings.

In any case, glad it got fixed... I guess.  I have a love-hate relationship with my Blackberry.  It is terribly old-fashioned but I'll miss the integration with my work email, calendar, contacts list, etc.