Windows Performance Index Comparison

Ran the Windows(tm) Performance Index on a couple of machines I use day-to-day and was surprised by the results.

Processor 5.2 5.1 6.0
Memory 5.6 4.7 6.0
Graphics (Aero)4.4 3.5 3.9
Graphics (Gaming)   4.2 3.5 5.2
Disk 5.9 5.9 5.7

The first machine is my home desktop (HMPC) that I use for light gaming and making home movies, the second is a home laptop (HMLT) that is just for email and web browsing, and the third is my "light weight" work laptop (WKLT).

What surprised me that that my home desktop, which I think of as being much faster than the other two, is by this measure really only faster in running the Window(tm) Aero interface.  So, it seems, actually only 'snappier' in the user interface but not in actually doing the work.

I was also surprised, initially, that my lightweight laptop did so well. But, on reflection, it is true that my work laptops are refreshed more frequently than my home computers and so even a 'lightweight' machine could then have good comparative performance to machines from a few years earlier.

Pretty soon, at this rate, my phone will out-perform my home PC.

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