"Hell Boy" is a solid "chick flick" and "guy movie"

"Hell Boy" is that rare film that while not a great movie is great at being a "chick flick" and "guy movie" in the same 2 hours and 3 minutes of entertainment.  Here's why.

As a "guy movie" what could be better than aliens, lots of stuff blowing up and Ron Perlman with the one of the biggest revolvers ever  - makes Dirty Harry's Model 29 Smith & Wesson .44 magnum look like a cap gun.

But it also works (mostly but I'll get to that) as a "chick flick" - a young woman wrestling to come to terms with her true self, a love triangle with the good/sweet guy and the bad/sweet guy, Hell Boy is kind to animals (putting himself at great risk to rescue a kitten, awww) and a backdrop of romantic tension.

Admittedly it is mostly a "guy movie" for much of the the first 1 hour and 55 minutes but (and pay attention closely you "guy movie" fans... be you guy or gal) the last 5 minutes seals the deal as one your romantic other half is sure to sniffle over and not begrudge one iota the preceding aliens, explosions and general mayhem.

Just when we think the female lead has died, Hell Boy whispers in her ear, and just like magic she is back again from the other side. Then this bit of dialogue...
Liz: In the dark I heard your voice, what did you say? 
Hell Boy: I said, "Hey, you, on the other side - let her go. Because for her I will cross over, and then you'll be sorry!"
Long soulful gazes, slight crescendo in the music track, romantic kiss (finally) between our two main characters.... roll credits and that, my friends, is cinema gold.  Just the right amount of tender; just the right amount of tough.

So next time it gets hard to please two tastes in a relationship, reach for this little gem by director Guillermo del Toro.  If your better half balks, assure them it all works out fine (for the characters and for the two of you) in the end.

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