Marine Dictionary: Close Combat Support

According Marine Corps' standards, the following qualify as 'close combat support':
  1. When TOWs, Dragons, and other rockets are co-located with your position... and there is no 'rear' to point the rocket blast.
  2. When the jets return from the mission with pieces of jungle in their fuselage.
  3. When the air support and your larger ground vehicles are competing for use of the same air space.
  4. When artillary is used as a direct-fire weapon.
  5. When the mortars tubes are co-located with your position and appear to be at vertical.
  6. When the Ship's Captain issues the orders, 'Prepare to repel boarders' to the ship's crew.
  7. When you keep getting knocked down by the air blast from the M1 tank's main gun.
  8. When you have to keep your head down so it doesn't get chopped off by the tail rotor of a Cobra AH-1 helo.
  9. When the ejected rounds from your M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) are getting 'caught' in the treads of the tank next to you.

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