Mash-up: Cell phone (SMS), Twitter, Yahoo! Pipes, Facebook

So, my latest mash-up lets me post micro-blog posts from my cell phone to all my team-mates thru Twitter, into my Facebook network and to the homepage of my public website. Here is how.
To get started I setup an account at In Twitter, under "Settings" and "Devices", I setup things so that I can post to Twitter using text messages from my cell phone. Most of the posts you see on my Twitter page at were posted in this way. My content is also available as an RSS feed at
Facebook allows you to import posts from a variety of services such as, Google Reader and YouTube. There isn't a pre-built connector for Twitter, but there is a generic one for importing a blog. However, since I have lots of blogs, I aggregate my Twitter feed with feeds from my other blogs using Yahoo Pipes. This produces the "pipe" of output you see at This pipe primarily uses the "Fetch Feed" and "Union" syntax of Pipes.
In Pipes, you will also want to use the "Truncate" operator. The reason is that Facebook imposes a block if you post "abusively". Depending upon how many blogs you have and the number of posts in the feeds from those blogs, it is pretty easy to trigger the Facebook block the first time the RSS from your pipe is imported into Facebook. So, use the Truncate and set this down to about 20 posts or so. Over time, after the initial import, you can increase this. This has the effect of putting more of your existing posts into the feed and they will get added to Facebook. Facebook won't say what the magic number is to trigger a block, but I've found that if you aren't importing more than a dozen or so posts a day... should be fine.
Back to my Pipe, we see that this is also availalbe as an RSS feed - see This is the RSS feed you load into Facebook.
The end result ends up on my Facebook page and in the feed seen by my Facebook friends.
Those same Twitter posts also end up on my public website at
The Twitter posts end up on my website thru a different pipe - see The reason I use a different pipe allows me to mix and match what blog posts end up on Facebook, or on website, or on both. Also, my website doesn't impose blocks for too many posts at one time.
My website at is powered by SharePoint so I can't run the RSS feed from Pipes straight to the site. Actually, SharePoint has a control that would allow this but my SharePoint hoster (like most public SharePoint hosters) either blocks this control or makes it difficult to use. I get around this by feeding the RSS from Pipes next to Feedburner. Feedburner doesn't do anything to the feed other than expose it thru a snippet of JavaScript. It is this JavaScript that I then put into a regular HTML page on my SharePoint site.
So, there you have it. Use cell phone to send SMS message that ends up on Twitter. Feed Twitter to a couple of Yahoo Pipes. Send one Yahoo pipe to Facebook. Send the other to Feedburner. Take the JavaScript Feedburner builds for me and use it to display my updates on my website.

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