Hide the Headlines by Feedburner Icon from BuzzBoost

If you use FeedBurner, you might have noticed they have a new service called "BuzzBoost" which can take your RSS or ATOM feed and create a piece of JavaScript that you can cut-paste into a regular HTML page to display the feed.
Very handy. I used this to build a page in my blog that summarizes recent updates.
One thing I don't like though is that while you have some options in the FeedBurner control panel to determine how the JavaScript displays the feed (do or do not display post date, number of words to display in the post summary, etc.) the one thing you can't turn off is the FeedBurner icon that the JavaScript displays.
I want to give credit where credit is due and you'll notice that I have a "powered by" link for FeedBurner on my blog but sometimes that logo just doesn't work for me.
You can't stop the JavaScript from generating the icon but you can use CSS to suggest to the browser that it not display this content.
When the JavaScript sends the HTML to your browser, all the HTML elements will come with class tags that mark it as FeedBurner content. You can use CSS to control the appearance of this content.
That includes using CSS to suggest that the browser not display some of the content generated by the BuzzBoost JavaScript.
The FeedBurner icon will come in a set of HTML tags that look like this:

<div id="creditfooter">
<a href="http://www.feedburner.com" target="_blank">
   alt="Headlines by FeedBurner" />
Here is the piece of CSS code that will suggest to the browser that the HTML snippet above should not be displayed:

div#creditfooter {
display: none;
Couple of things to remember. First, remember that CSS only suggests to the browser that the information not be displayed. The JavaScript still sends this content to the browser and the browser may ignore or not correctly apply the CSS instruction. The second is your grandma would be so disappointed to learn that you have been using mash-up tools like FeedBurner but not giving them credit. Make grandma proud of you and give credit where credit is due.

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