Selected Papers by Santa Fe Institute CSSS-'07 Faculty

In 2007, I attended the Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS-'07). The faculty for this program includes professors and researchers from a number of disciplines. Here is a list of collected papers by that faculty that were interesting to me or addressed topics related to my own work. The items shown here include materials they used during the program, from their websites, or found in my searches of their published work.
Back and Schwefel, "An Overview of Evolutionary Algorithms for Parameter Optimization" (PDF) [cited by O'Reilly]
Bednar, Bramson, Jones-Rooy and Page; "Conformity, Consistency and Cultural Heterogeneity", 2006 (PDF)
Bradley, Easley and Stolle; "Reasoning about non-linear system identification"; Artificial Intelligence, 2001 (PDF)
Bradley, "Time Series Analysis", 2002 (PDF)
Bradley, "Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations", teaching supplement, 1998 and 2002 (PDF)
Cherkashin, Farmer and Lloyd; "A simple evolutionary game with feedback between perception and reality", 2007 (PDF)
Clauset, Shalizi and Newman; "Power-law distributions in empirical data"; 2007 (PDF)
Clauset, Young and Gleditsch; "On the Frequencey of Severe Terrorist Events"; 2007 (PDF)
Clauset, Newman and Moore; "Finding community structure in very large networks", 2004 (PDF)
Clauset and Moore, "How do networks become navigable?", 2003 (PDF)
Farmer and Sidorowich, "Predicting chaotic time series", 1987 (PDF)
Farmer and Lux, "Applications of statistical physics in economics and finance", 2007 (PDF)
Foot, Michandani and Rockmore; "Two-dimensional wreath product transforms", 2003 (PDF)
Golman and Page, "Adjustments Dynamics and Equilibrium Selection: Why How Players Learn Matters", 2007 (PDF)
Gillemot, Farmer and Lillo; "There's more to volatility than volume", 2005 (PDF)
Guerin, "Peeking into the black-box: Some art and science to visualizing agent-based systems", 2004 (PDF)
Guerin and Kunkle, "Emergence of constraint in self-organizing systems", 2004 (PDF)
Hong and Page, "Interpreted and Generated Signals", 2006 (PDF)
Joyce, Kennison, Densmore, et al; "My way or the highway: a more naturalistic model of altruism tested in an interative Prisoner's Dilemma"; 2005 (PDF)
Le Baron, "Agent-based computational finance", 2005 (PDF)
Le Baron, "A builders guide to agent-based financial markets", 2001 (PDF)
Le Baron, "Wealth evolution and distorted financial forecasts", 2007 (PDF)
Malen, Orrison and Rockmore; "Computing isotypic projects with the Lanczos iteration", 2004 (PDF)
Moore and Rockmore, "Generic quantum Fourier transforms", SODA, 2004 (PDF)
Newman, "The structure and function of complex networks", 2003 (PDF)
Newman, "Power laws, pareto distributions and Zipf's law", 2006 (PDF)
Rasmussen et al, "Collective Intelligence for Decision Support in Very Large Stakeholder Networks: The Future of US Energy System", 2006 (PDF)
Shubik and Smith, "Building theories of economic process", 2006 (PDF)
Shubik and Smith, "Fiat money and the natural scale of government", 2005 (PDF)
Smith, "Dimensional analysis, scaling and zero-intelligence modeling for financial markets"[slides], 2006 (PDF)
Smith, "Classical thermodynamics and economic general equilibrium theory" [slides], 2007 (PDF)
Smith, "Dimensional analysis, scaling and zero-intelligence modeling for financial markets" [slides], 2007 (PDF)
Strelioff, Crutchfield and Hubler; "Inferring Markov Chains: Bayesian Estimation, Model Comparison, Entropy Rate and Out-of-class Modeling", 2007 (PDF)
White et al, "A generative model for feedback networks", 2005 (PDF)
Zovko and Farmer, Correlations and Clustering in the Trading of Members of the London Stock Exchange, 2007 (PDF)