Make Windows(tm) look more like a Mac or LINUX box

If you are using a Windows(tm) computer but long for a Macintosh or LINUX, then you might try using some Windows customization tools from Stardock ( These tools allow you to customize the colors, icons and other user interface elements of your Windows PC to look like another operating system. One of my favorite customizations is to give my Windows PC a a look and feel more like a Macintosh - including a floating "dock" like the Macintosh has: I'm also fond of the support for NeXT, BeOS, and other "classic" UNIX variants: The Stardock tools are available as individual tools for customizing parts of the interface. For example, IconPackager will customize your icons. WindowBlinds will change the colors and fonts of your window titles. However, I recommend the ObjectDesktop bundle. It includes most of the tools available but costs only as much as 2-3 of them individually. - Brian

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