Shopping for a New USB Flash Drive

I've been recently shopping for a new pocket USB drive to carry around and after much searching around narrowed down to these three choices: The SanDisk Cruzer Titanium ( gets high marks from every review I've found for reliability. This would certainly be the choice for me to go with if I were still a "road-warrior" or otherwise more likely than average to damage my USB key. However, I've been carrying around a vanilla PNY drive for a couple of years now and it is still around - so I don't think unusual reliability is too important for my uses. Also, no review I found gave this drive very high marks for read/write speeds and that is important to me. The Kingston DataTraveler drives ( appealed to me primarily because MaximumPC ( gave it such high marks for read/write of small documents. One of my primary uses for a this type of device is to carry around lots of my documents so that is important to me. The downside is that the price is much higher than the other options. The Corsair Voyager ( comes in two versions. The "GT" model is designed for higher read/write speeds which puts in on par with the Kingston DataTraveler. User reviews at NewEgg ( also reported it as reliable - which, for my purposes puts in on par with the SanDisk Cruzer Titanium. The difference was that the Voyager, even in the "GT" model, was much less expensive than the Kingston DataTraveler (at this writing about $70 versus $120 for comparable-sized drives). I also looked at encryption as a factor but that turned out differently than expected. Many of the products I looked at were actually using TrueCrypt which is a freeware product ( I asked around about this and found several colleagues using this with their existing drives (from various companies) so this didn't seem like much of a differentiator in the device to purchase. For reviews, I checked PCMag (, MaximumPC (, CNet ( and NewEgg ( In the end, I got a 4GB Corsair Voyager GT. Fast, reliable and good price. - Brian

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