SharePoint Trick - Friendly Folder Names

Here is a little sharepoint trick that I like a lot.

One of the things I don't like about SharePoint is that is creates a lot of URLs with the "%20" symbol in it for a space.  So, for example, if you create a document library called "My Presentations" you get a URL that is called "".   All those "%20" symbols for the spaces are unsightly and don't always cut-paste into emails, blog posts, links lists, etc. all that well.

One way to get around this is that when you create the document library to use names with no spaces - e.g. "My_Presentations".  This will give you a URL more like "".

Removing the spaces makes for nicer URLs but creates lists in SharePoint that look like "My_Presentations", "Reports-2007", etc. and some people don't like that....which is easy to fix. 

Once you have created the document or list without any spaces in the name.... go back and change the name to use spaces.  You can do this in Site Settings, Modify Site Content, select a document folder or list, and then change general settings.  When you do this, it will display in SharePoint with human-friendly names (using spaces) but keeps the URL path that is more friendly to email, blog posts, links lists, etc.

- Brian


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