Trying to get pages and XML controls to be more standards compliant

I've been making an honest effort to learn more about ASP.Net these days but still struggle about how to make the results more standards compliant.  Looking for references, advice, etc. on a couple of these challenges.

For example, it is pretty easy to use the Web.sitemap file in conjunction with <asp:Menu> controls to provide a good menu system for a site. The sitemap can also be easily presented as a viewable site map page or to build "bread crumbs" on pages as a navigational aid.

The generated code is, however, troublesome.  Relies on JavaScript and that may not work properly with every browser configuration that comes to your pages.  It also generates code that doesn't work well with link checkers and XHTML validators.

The Web.sitemap file is just an XML file and you can use it with XSLT transforms or other tools to "roll your own" menus and other navigational aids.... but then you start to lose the power of the ASP.Net environment and IDEs tailored to that environment (e.g. Visual Studio).

For now I seem stuck at an impasse.  If anyone has worked this already and knows how to get the power of the tools (.Net, ASP.Net, controls, etc.) but generate clean, compliant, content..... please share.

As I work on this, I'll save links to resources, examples, references, etc. in my site and post to my blog.

- Brian


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