Switching to Google's Updated Blogger Service

I've been using Google's Blogger service for awhile now to host several personal blogs. Blogger just went thru an overhaul and I am in the process of migrating to the new feature set. The new Blogger has some pluses and minuses.
The new templates work more like TypePad with a drag-and-drop metaphor that is really easy to use but (sadly) the template tag syntax is completely new and undocumented. So, the choice is to use the old template tags which I could customize more easily or use the features of the new templates. I'm more into posting to my blog and generating content than customizing the blog appearance so I'm switching to the new templates.... let's hope I don' t regret that.
Blogger always supported the option of using their own hosting service or having Blogger push the content to your own server via FTP. In the new Blogger, there seem to be some quirks on this one and especially if you use email to post. I live in email so the vote is still out on this one. I don't mind so much that having the content hosted by Blogger/Blogspot is mutually exclusive from having FTP access (my outbox of sent emails let me keep hold of my post content) but I can't figure out why Blogger sometimes does, and sometimes does not, automatically publish email posts. I really have no interest in logging into Blogger to get my posts published out of draft mode. Expect more on this.
Keyword tags in Blogger posts are a new feature that I like very much. For this I will re-login to Blogger from time to time to organize my posts. It causes me to re-think what content I put into my Blogger blog and what goes into del.icio.us.
Happy blogging!
- Brian

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