Rise of Nations and Civilization IV - Software Development Kits (SDKs)

I've been eagerly awaiting the release of the Civilization IV SDK.  I'm not a Civ-junkie but I do like Rise of Nations and that RoN comes with a nice set of tools for building maps, defining scenario rules, etc.  Rise of Nations has been replaced with  Rise of Legends which has too much of a fantasy theme for my purposes.  So, hearing that Civ would have an SDK got me pretty interested.  My thinking is that the Civ product line looks pretty long-lived and that the large number of Civ fanatics out there would help draw attention to any mods I built.

Sadly, early reports on the SDK are not encouraging.  Here is what Jamil had to say about it:

Ugh!  I wouldn't call it an SDK.  It appears to be more of an API.  It is a collection of Python and C++ code.  I am trying to decipher the files to determine if the C++ code is in fact OO code or simply C code written against a C++ compiler.  There is no documentation, and there are almost no comments in the code.  The comments that are in the code seem to be developer notes that happened to survive whatever scrubbing might have been performed against the .cpp and .h files.  More Later.

Mmm... that doesn't sound very encouraging.  Maybe I'll stick with Rise of Nations after all.  Rise of Nations has a world editor that works as most of the genre do - place structures, adjust terrain elevation, etc.  Those worlds have attached to them script code that handles the rules for the scenario.  The scripting language is sort of like C, JavaScript, etc. but with a bit of OO to it.  Everything (that I can see) is controlled by events so you need to be comfortable with an event-driven model.  There is documentation available from the developer (Big Huge Games) that explains how to build a basic world and includes a reference on the script syntax.

As Jamil said, "More later".

- Brian

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