Recommended reading on Service Oriented Architecture

If you are looking for some books to get started with on SOA, here are some of my suggestions:

Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures : The Savvy Manager's Guide by Douglas Barry.  This is a collection of short essay-length sections on topics, as the title suggests, intended for skilled managers. It is a good start for IT professionals new to SOA but doesn't offer much depth. Each section stands alone pretty well so it can be read รก la carte - you don't, for example, have to follow a case study or example from the beginning to the end of the book. There are some good concept diagrams - good for high-level presentations. Has a collection of sections devoted to SOA and Enterprise Architecture that might be interesting. Commonly cited in general IT publications. Available on

Understanding SOA with Web Services by Newcomer and Lomow.   A really good book for technical professionals making the transition from web applications to web services. Relies upon some broad, and occasionally deep, familiarity with web technologies such as XML, J2EE (or .Net), etc. Fair number of good diagrams. Some informative XML snippets - especially in the end chapters. Commonly cited in technical IT publications. Available on

Enterprise SOA: Service Oriented Architecture Best Practices by Krafzig, Banke and Slama.  Target audience is the IT-savvy manager or the senior IT architect who needs general, but not technically detailed, preparation on SOA. Relates the topic to business processes better than most texts. Re-hashes a lot of ideas that aren't really about SOA - though most apply at least indirectly. The case studies included at the end of the book are informative - even though none are federal gov't there may be some valuable lessons-learned here. Commonly cited in technical IT publications. Available on
Service-Oriented Architecture : Concepts, Technology, and Design by Thomas Erl.  Available on

Service-Oriented Architecture : A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services by Thomas Erl. Available on

Enterprise Service Bus by David Chappell.  Available on

Loosely Coupled Coupled : The Missing Pieces of Web Services by Doug Kay.  Widely cited in various IT publications - as well as on-line at MSDN or developerWorks. However, as the title suggest, really about web services and only incidentally covers SOA oriented topics.

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