Quake 3, Quake 4, GTK and CryTek Screen Shots (and more!)

For my personal on-line photo album, I am a big fan of SmugMug.  Well, they have recently upgraded their service and the amount of storage and traffic they allow is pretty amazing.

Seemed a pity to waste all that capacity and since I had a bunch of stuff stuck on my harddrive begging to be shared, thought I would post some goodies.

I'm just getting started but so far I've added some screenshots of Quake 3 (ho hum), the GTK Editor for Quake 3, Quake 4 (cool!), and the CryTek Sand Box editor for Far Cry and the CryEngine.

Will add more as a I have time - including wallpapers, trailers, etc.  These will be stable links so you can use this material by reference rather than making copies if you want.

- Brian

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