Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

Given the sad state of so many projects, it is easy to admire any effort that intends to improve things.  The Project Management Institute (  and their PMP certification efforts make such an attempt.  Sadly, the significance of the PMP has become somewhat diluted in recent years as the ranks filled with people more adept at the certification process than actual project management.  It is also unfortunate that some organizations' recruitment of PMPs is a bit mindless.  Still, there remains some good stuff here.

For the full scoop, go to the PMI website at  My graduate engineering program included lots of material from the 1999 PMBOK and the 2000 PMBOK - neither includes anything particularly inspiring but they do, as their names imply, capture a basic body of knowledge about project management.  

Rather than the "all in one text" approach that the PMBOK attempts, I favor a small library of favorite references on a topic - which I am currently migrating to a list at

- Brian

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