Worldcraft setup information for using the Half-Life (original) engine

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to stick with the Half-Life (original or 1.x version) engine instead of the Half-Life 2 engine:
 - your development platform may be a puny laptop (like mine) that can't handle the Half-Life 2 / Source engine
 - your target platform may be modest PCs that will run a Half-Life based solution better than a Half-Life 2 / Source solution
 - you may not want to use the Half-Life 2 / Source / Steam combination

Whatever the reason, if you are sticking with Half-Life then you may end up using the older Worldcraft level editor instead of the newer Hammer level editor - e.g. to get Hammer you need the Source SDK (even if you want to target the Half-Life engine), that means you need Source/Steam/etc.,  and that may not work for you (see above).

Documentation on Worldcraft is a bit scarce but you can still find some information on the web about this tool:
 - There is still setup information about Worldcraft on the old Valve-ERC site at .  I don't expect that to last forever though as that site is shutting down in favor of the VERC Collective site at
 - There is also some good information at  This includes a "newbies" guide, a basic user's guide, some tutorials (with screenshots) to get you started, etc.

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